How do they work?
RailScapes work by combining tension, grip and torque to work in tandem.

How do you install RailScapes?
Attach one side at a time. Don’t force both sides at once.
Place the first side around a rail post at desired height, then use both
hands to flex the second side between and around the adjacent post.
Don't skip a spindle.

Do I need the bumpers for RailScapes?
Yes and noThe bumpers provide
grip to assist with suspending weight and offer anti-scratch protection
for posts. You do not need them when displaying plants at the foot of
the railing.

How do I increase or decrease tension?
RailScapes are incredibly flexible. Pull the arms apart to
restore or add tension. Push them together to decrease tension. This is
handy for rail posts that are closer or farther apart than 4”.

What do I do if my RailScapes slide?
Layer two bumpers (one on top of the other). This will tighten the grip around the rail posts.